Happy Tails

Hi this is Bear.
I haz to be bery quiet since mommy left her puter on and I wanted to let you know how I iz doing.
I came home to a lovely place. My mommy gave me lots of hugs and kisses! I go on walkies all the time even if it is cold. Mommy makes sure I iz not out in the cold and wet for long time. She iz funny. You know what??? She wipes my foots off!! Iz that just too much!
She haz treats ready when I go poo and weewee. Thatz so great! Get this. I getz to sleep on her bed!!! Yes, me, the Bear, on a soft warm bed and she pets me until I go to nite nite. When I getz scared; she lubs me and tells me I am her baby and she will protect me! I getz to take napz on the couch. Oh, that is the best!!
I haz my own food and water bowlz with puppies on them. And they iz always got food in them for little me. I iz liking this life.
I haz found my voice so I can protect mommy from bad thingz. I iz always on guard.
I did get in trouble. I shredded some white paper in mommy's potty room. It was fun, but mommy scolded me. It made me feelz bad, but in a little while mommy told me she lubs me and I lay on her lap.
I iz always trying to be a good dog. Mommy sayz she iz keeping me forever! I iz so happy when she says this and gives me sweet kisses.
Oh.....I got some ice cream yesterday. Mommy said it was because I had been such a perfect boy!!
Thankz you for my new home and mommy. This iz the best place. Gotz to go. Mommy is coming.

"Thank you Prairie Paws Rescue for letting us adopt Harvey six years ago. We hit it off from day one and wanted to let his previous owner know he is loved & doing well."

"Bandit came back for a Christmas visit with his forever human, Buzz. He is loving his new family!"

"I was in the kitchen washing dishes while my little one slept on the couch. I went into the living room to check on him and I find these two sunggled up ❤ Max loves his baby!"

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